Packaging design

As a packaging expert, Knecht develops designs and adapts them for all areas of application. Customers from cleaning, pharmaceutical, and crop protection industries appreciate our perfection and flawless artwork.

Folding boxes, labels & Co.

Packaging in all shapes and sizes is part of our core business. Since 2017, Werner & Mertz has entrusted the national and international prepress process for the well-known brands Frosch®, Erdal®, Emsal®, and Rorax® to our expertise.

Werner und Mertz Produktrange
Strict specifications and a zero-defect tolerance characterize our creation process of packaging materials.

Our process includes basic artwork construction, extensive image retouching, and professional print data creation. This includes the handling of technical spot colors and the processing of multi-channel Photoshop files.

In addition, we handle photorealistic pack shot creation for various target platforms (dealer portals, websites, TV commercials, etc.) and, since 2023, the maintenance of various end consumer websites.

Steps to perfect packaging

Consultation and appointment management

Artwork creation

Proofreading and 4-eyes control

Change management

Color verification through digital proofs and press proofs

Approval process

Print data according to manufacturer specifications